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Moofio is a community exclusively for pets and pet lovers. We have great features for your and your pet’s needs. Give it a try, it’s whole bunch of fun too.

What Can You Do With Moofio?

You’re on board? Sweet. It’s time to explore what you can do with Moofio.
Or what Moofio can do for you. Let’s dive in.

Add Multiple Pets

You can add as many pets as you wish, all connected to one account and switch between them without signing off

Add Multiple Pets


Adopt a pet or find new homes for your puppies. Give them the love they need on Moofio's adoption section.

Guest A Pet

Have you ever bailed on a plan just because there was no place for your pet to crash? With our travel section, find a temporary home worthy of your pet. Holiday on.


Lost your pet? Moofio is here to help. Post a listing on lost & found. With a little luck and some help from Moofio’s kind community, you’ll find your beloved pet in no time.

Filters & Stickers

With one click, turn your cute pet into an adorable one. Moofio comes with a sticker and filter pack for your photos and videos.

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